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Our Labrador Family

Welcome to WV Silver Mountain Labradors! WVSM Specializes in producing spectacular pets and hunting companions.

We pride ourselves in raising only the finest Labrador Retrievers in a top quality facility. Our Goal is to produce Healthy, Happy, Smart, Socialized, Athletic Labrador puppies. We introduce our puppies to water and retrieving at a very young age therefore our adult Labs are very competitive when retrieving markers. In the field our Labs are very focused and intent with exceptional drive. While Around the house they are more laid back and eager to please. Each of them have excellent temperaments, they are obedient, calm, and very loving.  

WV Silver Mountain Labradors is built on one simple concept; " Just Love them~ They will Love you back!"

   "Puppies from WVSM will join your home Loved and very spoiled."





WV Silver Mountain Labradors

Lovely Lily

Happy Heidi

Big Jake

Duchess Daisy 

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Silver Spoons Cinder Ella

WV Silver Mountains Smokey Joe